Business insurance in the Brussels region

Your professional insurance in Brussels and Walloon Brabant, as well as throughout Belgium

Professional responsibilities


The purpose of corporate liability insurance is to cover non-contractual liability in the event of damage caused by the insured company to third parties during operation. The insurance covers the policyholder, i.e. the company, managers, partners, directors, commissioners, agents, trainees, etc. The contract is drawn up according to the company’s activity and the extent of the cover taken out.

Professional liability extends to companies and the liberal professions. This is an essential coverage for architects, consultants, doctors…, which protects them in case of professional misconduct. It is also important to protect the company’s intangible assets and its operating income, which are sometimes subject to fluctuations. Business interruption insurance takes this risk into account. This coverage makes it possible to compensate for the loss in the event of your business stopping due to an accident or a loss covered by the insurance.

In criminal law, the exploitation legal protection insurance guarantees the defence of your rights and against third parties in the event of a dispute. Objective liability, on the other hand, is a mandatory legal coverage for any entity operating a public place. With this insurance, it is a matter of covering personal injury and material damage in the event of a fire or explosion. The personal liability of directors or officers of a company may be incurred in the performance of their duties. They can be held responsible for problems and errors that occur. In the event of complaints, their private assets may be threatened. The RC director offers protection of your assets if you are a company director.

Insurance for employees


Work-related accidents are frequent, especially in some trades. An employer has an obligation to insure its employees against the risks of accidents at work and the risks existing on the way to the company. The law clearly defines these provisions and the related insurance conditions. Contact us for more information on occupational accident and disease insurance. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

MB Consult also offers companies personalized support to find the best group insurance offers. These insurances allow you to offer your employees benefits at a lower cost. Tailor-made solutions are provided to you, whether you are a large company or a self-employed worker. We also offer hospital and health care insurance for employees and managers. We assist you in the search for your contract. Depending on the options chosen, the insurance can cover medical expenses during your stay in hospital as well as outside the hospital, doctors’ fees, technical procedures performed… The advantageous conditions of this insurance can also be used to retain your employees.

Insurance for executives


An accident or illness can lead to a temporary inability to work or disability, and consequently a loss of income. Guaranteed income insurance allows you to limit these losses with a replacement income paid until you recover. The amount of this annuity is determined at the time of signing the contract. The death of a company manager can also have serious financial consequences and hinder the normal continuation of business. Your insurance calculates the capital needed to cover these losses and offers you a tailor-made contract. In the event of death, the capital is paid up for the benefit of the company, enabling it to cover any expenses and ensure the remuneration of a successor.