Special insurance in and around Brussels

Car, housing, family and retirement, choose your type of insurance wherever you are in Belgium, such as in Brussels or Walloon Brabant

MB Consult offers private individuals support to discover the many private insurances and their complete range of guarantees. Your family, your car journeys, your accommodation and your pension are insured thanks to the services provided by your broker in Walloon Brabant. We work to build a relationship of trust and provide you with the best services in terms of individual insurance brokerage. We identify your needs and suggest the best insurance, particularly in car, fire and family liability insurance

Buying a vehicle is an investment that must be protected in the event of an accident, theft or fire. In addition, the law requires drivers to have car insurance. To ensure that you can drive with protection, we offer you solutions to optimally insure your car. In the car insurance policies we present to you, you will find some of the most interesting offers on the market and the formula that exactly meets your needs. Driving requires constant vigilance, but the risks due to inattention, fatigue, are always present. You are also not immune to traffic violations that can lead to sometimes serious accidents. Having car insurance means being covered for these possible risks. This protection also applies in the event of theft or fire. Your insurer covers some or all of your expenses depending on the plan you choose. In addition, you have the option of supplementing your car insurance with optional coverages.

Your home is a valuable asset, both financially and emotionally. It is the place where you live with your family, and which is an important part of your life with your personal belongings and memories. Your home is not safe from accidents. In the event of fire, burglary, weather or water damage, your home may be irreparably damaged or even destroyed. Home insurance is not mandatory but it offers security and protection in the event of a disaster or disaster. Your broker provides you with a home insurance policy that corresponds to the coverage needs of your home. Indeed, a spacious apartment, a villa or a studio are not insured in the same way. We study your home to assess the needs and guarantees to be put in place, and help you find a tailor-made contract.

Our brokerage office also provides assistance to individuals to compare and find the best offers in health insurance, pension savings, travel insurance, death insurance and civil liability (covering damage caused to others). To benefit from preferential rates, do not hesitate to contact MB Consult.